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  • What services do you provide?

Our team provides social media management, content creation, & event coordinations. We also specialize in event photography & cinema.

  • Will you come to us?

We are a remote marketing agency, we come to each one of our clients locations to capture content.

  • Will you send all photos?

We chose from the a large array of photos that were taken at each shoot. Together with the client we will decide which photos would like to be kept & utilized. 

  • Will you send pre edit photos?

Yes, our team is very appreciative of our raw photos, However the power of editing is truly something special. We will send copies of both raw and edited photos to each client. 

  • Are your services contracted?

Our team will supply contracts for each one of our marketing clients. Supplying monthly invoices. For all other photo shoots our team charges per photo.

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